Be a Swedish Chef

Here’s what Muppets Swedish Chef likes….

And here’s what arrived in my Try the World box from Sweden this week. Oh…and there was coffee, but the Hubs already opened it for sampling!

What’s in the Box?

Got our bimonthly foodie box this week, featuring items from Portugal!

Some really nice items like a pumpkin jam. And personally, I’m dying to try the Jack Mackeral on toast, but I believe the words “cat food” will be tossed at me…no matter, I never met an oily fish I didn’t like.

And speaking of fish…I broke out some of the ingredients to make one of the recipes from the box. Two cod filets that the Hubs procured…

Topped with chorizo and the bacala (salt cod) seasoning packet.


Then I added canned tomatoes, chicken broth and chopped Swiss chard. The recipe called for kale, but I had chard in, so that what we used.

Then I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish. The seasoning packet should probably be cooked withe the tomatoes before hand. Things were a little chewy shall we say…and I needed a bigger pan.

All in all a serviceable dinner for midweek!

Look what we got!


Arriving just after new year, my Try the World box from Thailand. The Hubs made excellent beef curry using the curry paste and the recipe card included in the box. The  Jasberry was also excellent, and the coconut orange wafers have been a nice treat with tea. The TomYum soup , not so much…