Currently Crushing

Hi everyone! Here are a few things I’m crushing on this month…

I realized recently that fully 75% of my instagram feed is related to Paris in some form. And now I have a new one! 

Parler Paris is the website and weekly email from Adrian Leeds, she of the beret from House Hunters International fame. Get all the inside information on Paris and (sigh) living there by subscribing at her website.

On the food front, my new fave is this sunny, citrusy vinaigrette from Whole Foods. Tangerine vinaigrette is perfect on winter greens, romaine, arugula, but also good on roasted beets, pan roasted fish and more! Prevent scurvy, eat citrus!

Missing in action this Thanksgiving, at least in the stores I checked was Trader Joe’s cranberry orange relish. Bummer…

Here’s the link to my favorite holiday commercial this season. From Marks and Spencer. Janet Mcteer is the actress who plays the Missus, and BBC fans may remember her from Miss Marple, a few Jane Austen redux and my personal fave..Precious Bane (I think from the 80’s!)

Bust my buttons! Gina B silkworks is crafting a new handmade button each day this year. An exacting and precious craft, I am an admirer. Just look at the miniature cornucopia she crafted for Thanksgiving. And she displays each one on a complimentary tag. I’m not worthy….Follow on Facebook to see each one.

Lastly, you may already follow Huffington Post, but you MUST follow their funniest tweets from women. You will be breathless from laughing. My recent fave from @bourgeoisalien ” well, at bare minimum at least 2016 definitively answered, “What would it be like to be left behind during The Rapture?” And this from @Tanishalove “Any superheroes out there? ‘Cause now would be a good time to make yourself known. Also, I have some extra spandex unitards if you need ’em.”

Nothing says Friday night like a good laughing snort from HuffPo!

Stay tuned, I may get a holiday edition of current crushes in before New Years…

New Favorites

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New items found at fine stores everywhere during last couple of weeks. Have to say the Hubs and I are loving the spicy new hummus flavors and because of our HWW lifestyle ( healthy, wealthy and wise) they are great protein with little carbs! I allow myself one treat a day, and the Skinny Cow Salted Caramel and Pretzel bars are just the thing for sitting on the patio late at nite! TJ’s mushroom ravioli are great for a quick dinner with a salad!

A whiter shade of pale…

I know, you’re  thinking those stone fruit need to lay off the sunscreen and ripen up…

But no, they were designed this way! I introduce to you…ta da….ANGELCOTS!

They are delicious! Try them!

Just another meatless Monday …

Nothing is easier to make or more satisfying to eat than a grilled cheese. 

But this is no ordinary grilled cheese…

  This is a grilled cheese, so good it should be dessert. Oh, you noticed the prosciutto on the meatless Monday entry? I know, well, only two thinny, thin, thin slices left and I gave them to the Hubs.


It’s really all about the fig butter and Brie. Classic. Just like a grilled cheese should be.

My New Favorite…

I love anything that lists an ingredient called “grape musts”….

Thick and lovely, this syrup is great for the summer. Available at Trader Joe’s. I’ll be stocking up!

Cabin Fever…..

All over the greater Boston area, down to the Cape and southcoast and out to Springfield, residents are reveling in the first non snow event weekend in 6 weeks! We have stood in our doorways and windows and watched almost 10 feet of white stuff blanket, coat, cover, and camoflage our houses, cars, roads, schools, buses, trains, rivers, lakes and even the ocean. For weeks, all we’ve been able to manage is to get to the grocery store to restock, try to get children to school and ruin our necks looking around corners and on highway merges because snowbanks are so high we can’t see! Well, we’re fed up and not going to take it anymore!

So in celebration of a thermometer that actually crept above freezing, a bright blue sky with a warm sun, puddles instead of ice and a general sense of comfort brought on by the fact that no where on the weather channel app do we see the “snow” icon, the Hubs and I struck out early for a few fun errands! End results of the errands will be coming this week, but wanted to share the following fun finds…

Our first stop was the car wash followed by Dunkies, but then we went drove to Russell’s Garden Center for the winter farmers market. I expected about 10 tables piled with potatoes and turnips, maybe some eggs and cheese.

I did not expect the mob scene of wine vendors, cheese mongers, fish mongers, honey makers, and patent medicine hawkers. It looked like Memorial Day weekend minus geraniums. We bought some fresh lamb sausages that we are cooking tonight. Above is my haul from the green grocer. Sunflower sprouts for salad, watermelon radishes, and huge golden carrots. Watch this space for pix of the finished products!

Then we bopped down to Trader Joes in Framingham to restock the wine rack. Found some lovely new bottles you will all undoubtedly hear about, along with the usual Chez Miller Zinfandel house wines. Of course, you can’t just buy wine…you have to poke around so I found these preserved lemons and sliceable Brie ! What will they think of next?

Perfect day as remedy for cabin fever and you could almost think spring will be here soon. The Red Sox are even on TV as I write this. Then I looked out the window….snowing again.