Watermelon Carpaccio


First you start with these, Shishito peppers, which until this year, I had never even heard of. But then I had them like twice in 3 weeks and THEN I found them in Trader Joe’s!

(Do you think I spend a lot of time in Trader Joe’s? It’s a streaky thing with me…if’ I’m around one, I’ll drop in because you never know what you might find…like Shishito peppers…)

Anyway, I tossed these beauties with olive oil and blistered them on the grill. ( I forgot the photographic evidence, you’ll have to trust me)

Then I used the mandoline to cut some thinny, thin, thin pieces of watermelon…
IMG_3124[1]I took the rind off carefully and then added the watermelon and blistered peppers (remember to remove seeds after cooking the pepper) to (sigh) arugula again. I added some feta, and a homemade vinaigrette with lime and honey. The original for this recipe that I had at a business dinner last month had no cheese but featured a yuzu dressing. Yuzu I have not found yet…but there’s the rest of the summer to find it!



Stone Fruit Salad


Back again with my darling, favorite fruit of the summer.

Angelcots! So sweet and ripe, and probably only good for a limited time, which is why I keep going to Trader Joes and buying them!

But I digress…I knew this beauty could have a bigger role to play in the kitchen, not the least of which would be in a salad. So the other nite, I cut a few up and plated them with a piece of fresh burrattta mozzarella…you know the kind with with cream inside, that makes my voice go up about 3 octaves when I talk about it?



I tossed the arugula ( I know, we have a problem…) with some basic vidalia vinaigrette and let the angels do the talking…with the cheese of course.


Summer Salad

I’ve been making a lot of salads lately…for a variety of reasons.  All of which contribute to a lifestyle of healthy, wealthy and wise… so bear with me while I present an unfolding panoply from the last few days !

First up a copy cat recipe from of all places, Ireland. It’s not really the first place you think of when you see an avocado!

IMG_3082[1]But on our last nite in Clifden last summer, we had dinner in Foyle’s hotel and both my sister and I ordered the “baked avocado” salad. I honestly don’t remember if there were greens on the plate, but I do know that there was a whole avocado, cut in half and the top had a melted piece of mozzarella on it. Well that’s easy…


I tossed some cherry tomatoes in olive oil, salt and pepper and then placed them in a foil pan with the halved avocado and two slices of mozzarella. In the future I will start the tomatoes before hand because I like them a little roastier than they came out.


I placed the whole package on some arugula tossed with some balsamic glaze and added a little bit more salt and pepper. Nice protein fix from the cheese and avocado, so this was dinner for the nite. You could serve as a side salad also if you desired. But the baked avocado becomes much creamier with the heat. Just need to balance heated through versus melted!


So that’s what all the fuss is about…

So for a couple or five years now, many restaurants have featured a feta and watermelon salad combo during the summer. And for the same amount of time, I have ignored what could only be a tasty combo. I was so tardy to this party!

I finally decided to make this for supper last night. I wanted to have some greens, so I tossed some arugula with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Then it’s really a matter of cutting the watermelon and feta to match so you have a salty/sweet bit in each bite.


Then I just squiggled some balsamic glaze on top! A cool, crisp, sweet and salty option for hot summer dining. Don’t miss out!