When life gives you apples, make roses….

I’m shamelessly stole this idea from Pinterest on Sunday while the Pats were in Cowboy Stadium. 

Thaw a piece of puff pastry dough and cut it into six strips

Slice your apples, thinny, thin, thin. I used the trusty mandoline.

Brush the dough with some apricot jam like all good patisseries.

And sprinkle on some apple pie spice.

Spread the slices so they overlap.


Then roll up each strip and place each rose in the cup of a muffin tin



Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

Here they are! I really wish I had some salted caramel ice to go with them right now!


Well, it makes a statement….


Remember this? My mother’s loveseat?

IMG_2192And now it looks like this? And it’s in my “get ready room” as my nephew PJ says, but it’s also known as a dressing room.

Nice, sedate, classic right?

Well, this weekend, it’s Auntie Mame came to stay…..on the wall…


She’s pink, she’s showy, she doesn’t care what people think of her, she’s having a great time…..

So here’s the story. I always loved the pictures in design magazines and on Pinterest and stuff of these really cool single flower photos that are giant sized. The problem is that they cost a boatload of money. But 2 weeks off at Christmas allow for enormous amounts of research and I found a place that had reasonably priced wallpaper that you could buy. And what made it even better is that you could use your own photo! So I did! It’s a photo of a rose that I took last summer in the front of the house one morning on my way to work. It’s the perfect pink, with the perfect little amount of apricot on inside!

Here’s a little perspective…


To make your own “fathead” rose or anything else really check out Pixers ! I almost fell off the loveseat when I saw this rose came from Poland! I suppose I can say I have imported European wallpaper in my home!

Roses from Violet

I haven’t put up any Valentine decos for a few years but after last weeks purge in honor of New Years I organized and sorted and once again, have some pink and red items to set the tone for the February classic.
I found these little roses with my decorations. They used to belong to my mother in law, Violet (although everyone called her Smiley) and she probably got them in France when she lived there just after WWII.
Such a nice remembrance and a nice ornament for my hutch!
Thought I’d share!