Epic Fail…

Looks great right? Lush, green, healthy….radishy? Right?

Wrong…a severe failure to “radish up”! Oh they are the right color and all, but honestly who ever heard of a skinny radish? I think I didn’t give them enough room in the pot after they got started, so they pulled they did their best sardine imitation and skinnied up for their brothahs….


Totally Transformative..


I read somewhere this week ( not sure where …) about what happens when you roast your everyday grocery store red radish. According to the exceedingly smart cook/writer, roasting reduces the bitterness of the radish and turns it soft and sweet.  


After the radishes hopped into a 395 degree oven and sat there for about 50 minutes, I removed them and dropped a pat of butter on them. I then proceeded to drop the box of Maldon sea salt also..butter and sea salt are the best friends of a radish and the tastes complement roasted radishes just as well as raw ones!

Roasting “totally transforms” them according to the Hubs!