Tiny Tarte


I knew I bought those ring molds in Paris for a reason! Saw this easy peasy clip of a tiny taste that can be whipped up in about 20 minutes as an add on for salad, or a more substantial appetizer.


Peel and slice 2 small onions and sauce in butter with any fresh herb you might happen to have. I used the tarragon I had left from a previous recipe. You also need to add about 1/4 tsp of sugar and let the onions really caramelize in the pan. Move them so they don’t stick.


Roll out a premade pie dough sheet or puff pastry sheet ( shown here) and use either a ring mold or round cookie cutter to cut the bottom and tops.


Leave the ring mold in place and add the sautéed onions and the tiniest bit of shredded cheese end of your choice like gruyere or swiss. Top with the second disk of dough and remove the ring mold.


Brush the top with egg wash and bake in a 400° oven for about 20 minutes or until the top crust browns nicely. The onions will mostly stay inside, but are easily coached back into place with a fork. Use a spatula to slide off the baking tray and place on plate or salad the has been pre dressed!


Don’t you love the name?


Honestly, I think the name is worthy of a Bond girl. She was probably a friend of Eleanor Lavish, the character from E.M. Forster’s “Room with a View”. Evidently, according to Wikipedia, she did more than just cook. She’s listed as a culinary anthropologist, but also was in movies and was published and was a commentator for NPR. She’s kind of a big deal I think.


Anyway, I saw this recipe for her onion pie on the NYTimes site and of course, had to give it a try for Meatless Monday. I cooked a whole bunch over the weekend. Made curried lentil soup, and then tossed this together pretty easily. That is until the tip of my finger came off on the mandoline. Let’s put it like this… I had to throw out the first crust that I blind baked.


Really the only wonky item is peanut oil, but there’s not that much used and it is easy to find. Saute up the onions, mix with salt and pepper, add to blind baked crust and then pour eggs and cream over it. Bake and be done.


I plan on reheating in a 300°  oven and serving with a simple salad and some red wine. The perfect dinner for a rainy, snowy and damp winter nite. Qualifies for meatless Monday, too!

Just Another Meatless Monday…

We had really fallen off “ye olde healthy option wagon” while I was home for the two week yoga pant vacation, so in an effort to right the ship, or should I say wagon, I did some cooking over the weekend to get ready for the work week. 

Carrots, onions, red lentils, curry, turmeric, cardamom and veggie broth turn into curried lentil soup. Once cooked down, I hit it with my trusty mix stick and add about a tablespoon of cream right before service. You can make as spicy, or not, as you want.

I had half of a bag of French green beans, that were about a second away from getting schlammy, so I threw them into another pan with lashings of lemon, red pepper flakes and some olive oil. The Hubs was snacking on them off and on, the ultimate compliment… Would be great with some crumbled feta cheese.


Lastly, the darling of the “but it could be steak” delusional hoax, currently front and center on every cooking site and recipe list…behold the roasted cauliflower. I’ve made it hundreds of times, and have never had a leftover, but I was inspired by a half hour with Lidia Bastianich, on Saturday afternoon, and ginned together this “bagna cauda” or “hot bath” of a sauce for the cauliflower featuring lemon, olive oil, capers, bottled artichokes, some onions, garlic and basil. I wasn’t  too sure on Saturday, but a couple of days in the fridge got the flavors to settle in nicely.

The little bit of leftover sauce might just get tossed with some rigatoni, arugula salad, Parmesan strips and maybe a few cannelini beans! “Hmmmmm, tastes like steak…”


EZPOT update

Remember these from over the weekend? Thought I’d update you on what went where…I used the onions in the roast pork loin stuffing for Sunday nite. Tonite I used the roasted tomatoes, as expected in a batch of roasted tomato soup.

But then I got really inspired with the little roasted eggplants.
Mini eggplants = mini paninis!
Start with sliced French bread from the batch of baguettes I baked on Saturday.

Then I reheated the roasted eggplants in a skillet.

And while they got warm and the soup cooked, I layered up som prosciutto, provolone, and the eggplant halves and made sandwiches!

I melted some butter with some basil and put the sandwiches on to toast.



Here’s our yummy component dinner…

Now I just need to do something with the peppers!