More from the garden…

My mother used to say that hydrangeas love the snow and after this winter they should be positively swooning in love…and finally after years of planting them around our complex, the hydrangeas are having a bumper year! 

I cut an armful this afternoon and mixed in some vases with the incredibly fragrant pink and white lilies that literally burst all at once this week!


Look what I found!

The front “yard” of our townhouse complex is positively Alpine like, but has a lovely assortment of day lilies, blooming cherry trees, tall grasses and hydrangea bushes, which now, about 3 years on are well established.

Hiding in amongst the leaves were these lovely heads of blooms in all different shades. I found them while I was dragging the bag full of about 87 pounds of pine needles from the patio around the side of the house…
Anyway, I’m hoping to dry them for the holidays, so I can hit them with a little sparkle.