It’s easy being green…

One night last week I did a little round up of the fridge to find the accompaniment for some lovely grilled lamb chops I had planned. Other than the tomatoes on the kitchen counter, every vegetable in the fridge was green. No carrots, no red onion, no squash or corn. A nutritionist’s dream… So ” green it is” I thought.

As you can see, I had green beans, asparagus, broccoli, romesco, and zucchini. I got them all seasoned and oiled and the Hubs indulged my OCD tendencies and kept everything organized in the grill basket for me.

Just before I served them I whipped up a dipping aioli of mayonnaise, lemon juice and garlic. Aioli is forgiving so you can make it to your specifications and taste.

Dip, dip, hooray!

Hot, cha, cha…

I found this simple but yummy recipe on p 39 of this months Cooking Light magazine and gave them a try last nite on the grill. The recipe claims only 20 minutes to cook and I can tell you it’s absolutely true. Simply mix chopped cooked bacon with some goat cheese, light cream cheese, salt, pepper, garlic salt and grated red onion.

Cut fresh jalapeños in half and stuff with the cheese mixture. The Hubs was already grilling, so I popped the peppers on the medium hot side of the grill. They blistered and melted nicely! Top them off with a thinned out and heated sauce made from the hot pepper jelly/jam and about two tablespoons of water. Just the right amount of heat and crunch!

Lambykins Pt Deux


Have we ever discussed the love that the Hubs and I have for lamb burgers? Well, let me tell you. We love them!

I was standing at the meat case considering lamb chops to grill, when I looked down and the lamb patties practically jumped into my cart.

You have to serve them on a sturdy roll like a bulkie or a brioche, no flimsy hamburger roll. We put a skim of butter on the bottom of the roll and topped the patties with some Blue cheese and sliced red onion. A grainy Dijon mustard is also de rigeur. Then we add a little arugula ( do you think we have a problem… with arugula?) 


We paired it with this yummy red I got a while ago at Trader Joes. Positively dusty…so good! 

Charred Eggplant with Sausage


Well I had a handy eight pack of eggplants that had been hanging around for a while and while creating the grocery list this afternoon, I also found a couple of Italian sausages…hmmm, says I.


So I cut the washed eggplants in half and tossed them in olive oil and some salt and pepper. The Hubs put them on the grill and proceeded with his cocktail and scouting of backyard wildlife. I directed “char the s_ _ _ out of them” While he did the aubergines, I browned the sausage with some basil and garlic. Once cooked, I spun it once or twice in the cuisinart and added toasted panko. See?


Here’s the aubergines, fresh off the grill. 


 Nicely charred as directed. Then I flipped them cut side up and layered the sausage/breadcrumb mixture all over. I added some torn mozzarella and grated Parmesan and bopped it back in the grill to get all melty… 


You can scoopy doop out the inside of the eggplant , now mixed with sausage and cheese. Oh and there were two really hot peppers in there for flavor only! 

Orange you glad I cooked these..?


This weeks NYTimes cooking pages had a recipe for Hobo potatoes with orange and red onion. A quick and easy potato that would be great with fish or chicken. Recipe calls for grilling the little foil packets, but I just stuck them in a 400 oven. Just quarter new potatoes with a red onion and some orange sections and orange peel. Toss with a mustard vinaigrette of balsamic, olive oil ( q’uelle surprise, I found an open bottle of orange infused olive oil in the pantry), salt, pepper, diced garlic, oregano and grainy mustard. An hour later you get a steamy package of fragrant spuds. I served mine over arugula tossed with spring onion and cucumber and a little orange oil and balsamic vinegar..gotta get the greens in! 


Here’s the link for the recipe…I’m also obsessed with the recipe on same link for “Paella of the Land” with rabbit, sounds yummy.

Not your fathers’ steak….

Ok put aside for a moment the fact that these are Fred Flintstone steaks and read on. But, fear not, because they are not beef, but pork shoulder cut with a band saw by our friendly neighborhood butcher. It’s a variation on a recipe I saw for an Asian marinated version. Not having access to the ingredients for the marinade did nothing to dissuade me, we just treated it like a steak!


I can tell you that the meat was delicious and much moister than a pork chop and more flavor than a pork tenderloin, like the sirloin of pork. The Hubs marked the cuts on the grill and then we finished them in a hot pan in a hot oven. Served them with a green salad and some harvest grains from Trader Joes.
And we have a significant amount left, that I am going to throw in the pressure cooker tomorrow night with some citrus and brown sugar and use as a pulled pork. I’ll keep you posted!