Five for Friday

Well that week went quick…


 Here’s the latest addition to my little kitchen. Baby pink, limited edition, 3.5 quart. Perfect for everyday !


A dress made of woven ribbon….

 Spring is currently living on my kitchen windowsill..courtesy of Trader Joes.   


Rose gold is everywhere!


Chocolate is the giveaway for how good this class was….

Khristmas Kitchen

Where I attempt to channel good karma into baked goods..
Episode 3, Chocolate Orange Breakfast Twists


I found this recipe on Pinterest of course and immediately filed it away for the holidays. I had the chance to make it for a festive holiday brunch we were invited to over the weekend.

The dough comes together quickly in the stand mixer,but did take a little longer than 2 hours to rise.

Before rolling out the dough, whisk together fresh orange zest, fresh orange juice, granulated sugar and butter. It will be lumpy, but will be lumper once you add the chopped dark chocolate.

Roll the dough out to about 1/2″ thick and 12″x 18″ rectangle shape.

Spread the orange, butter, sugar, chocolate mixture over the dough leaving an inch all around.

Roll the sheet along the long side and slice into a dozen even pieces. Take each piece and stretch it and twist into a figure 8, all at the same time. Place twists, side by side, in two rows of 6, in a shallow greased baking pan.

Cover and let rise, then bake as directed. 

 When cool, glaze the twists with mix of confectioner sugar and a few drops of orange juice. You can also give them a slice with a knife or bench scraper edge.

Twists can be warmed before serving, but not necessary.

This Khristmas Kitchen had great karma. Great to make any season…for any reason!

Karats for Sale, Part II 


Every bunny needs a garden full of carrots, so I packaged up my carrot cake macarons into little gardens with chocolate graham crackers crushed up as dirt and a little bunny to watch over them. Plastic berry containers are perfect to recycle for baked good. 

I wrapped up the carrot patch in orange polka dot paper, a muslin ribbon bow, and a little chalk garden sign.



The Great Pumpkin

IMG_1842.JPG I found this mold on Amazon after first seeing it at Fancy Flours. I love Fancy Flours, but already had an Amazon order going, so just added it in.
In anticipation of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I knew I would be in need of party favors and collateral.

So I decided to do a trial run with some ends of chocolate I had from other projects.

Melted them in a glass bowl in microwave on 60 second increments until liquid.


Then I rough chopped some dried cranberries and apricots along with regular and golden raisins.

I filled the mold with the chocolate and dropped it on counter to get rid of air bubbles. Then I added the fruit, spreading it across the back of the candy, but not pushing it in too far, and the adding a little more chocolate to the back.

The directions call for 10 minutes in the fridge, but that was a little too soon. Give it a good 90 minutes, and when you remove from fridge and give the mold a little flex, it will pop right out!
p.s.You could use colored candy melts first and then add chocolate, but I like the glossiness of the chocolate.