Pizzer, pizzer…

Or how we in Boston prounounce “pizza”.

The hubs and I hosted a little supper over the weekend with a “make it your darn self” theme centered around an antipasto platter that our friends A & J brought and a pizza “bar” that I set up featuring a bunch of toppings and a stack of thin crust pizzer shells.

Everyone took turns adding and subtracting ingredients, trying new flavor combos and forcing their spouses to eat vegetables they normally wouldn’t. A list of the ingredients in no particular or alphabetical order consisted of…artichokes, asparagus, baby eggplant, roasted peppers, spicy Italian sausage crumbles, julienned steak, prosciutto, pepperoni, onions raw and caramlized, capers, preserved lemon slices, tomatoes, roasted grapes and all stars from the pantheon of cheeses… mozzarella shredded and buffalo style, brie and feta.

 Once everyone made their concoction, we put it on the pizza stone on the grill while we sipped a variety of adult bevvies and watched the fire in our outdoor fireplace. We also had a lot of laughs…and that is the best thing about spring nites with no mosquitos, great friends and pizzer

Simple Supper


Sometimes, simple is best. Like when you spent the day spring cleaning and the Hubs helped Minutemen and British regulars all day at the annual reenactments for Patriot’s Day. So I decided to keep it simple and whip up some plain cheese omelettes with a garlic salad topper. I start them by melting butter and a little olive oil in the pans and swirl it to coat the pan. Add beaten eggs mixed with cream or milk and some salt and pepper. Plan on two eggs per person.

As the eggs start to cook, move the edges back and let more eggs run in. Eventually the eggs will solidify and I add  little bits of mozzarella cheese. Cook through and then fold over once, lower heat and cook for about another two minutes. 


Meanwhile, back in a bowl, toss some arugula with chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, chopped basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Slide the omelette onto a plate and top with the salad. Quick and easy! In fact, simple!

(Oh, and notice the omelettes are yellow for April’s color challenge!)

The Color Challenge #3

What to do with …..

A head of cauliflower, close to being around the bend? Cauliflower cheese of course! The cauliflower is white when I started so I get points on the color challenge….)
Cut the cauliflower up into florets and cook in 1/2 milk and 1/2 water until al dente. Meanwhile, grease a pan, turn the oven on to 375 and brown some panko or fresh bread crumbs in a dry skillet. Make a roux with 2 Tbsp of butter and 3 Tbsp of flour by browning the butter and whisking in the flour until cooked. It will be kind of dry and will smell nutty and sweet. Add a cup of milk, and a cup of shredded cheese and mix with drained cauliflower until cheese is evenly distributed. Into the oven for half an hour and you can give it 7 minutes or so under the broiler if it doesn’t get brown enough while baking or if you want it to be extra bubbly!
Excellent for leftovers with some crumbled bacon!

Just another Meatless Monday…

Bitter Greens Stromboli
Ok, so you may well be asking….what the heck did you do with that vat of roasted tomato brandy sauce? Well, I’ll tell you.



I sautéed up some plain old yellow onion! and opened up a tube of pizza dough. Flatten the dough, give it a little olive oil sprinkle, spread the onions, spread the babies ( kale, spinach and arugula) and throw on some crushed red pepper and some shreddy cheese. Roll it all up nice and tight and pop in a preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes. Let it rest for a couple of minutes and then slice.

Meanwhile I reheated the tomato sauce and got it ready to for dipping! Enjoy!

Dried Fruit Biscuits


I saw this recipe on Pinterest about a year ago and filed it away for future use. I am auditioning recipes for the holidays, so on Saturday night while the Hubs was at the theater, I did a little baking.


(Lesson 1: the rolling pin is bigger than the sheet pan.) anyway, I had a premade pie crust lolling around, so I let I thaw, and rolled it out. I had chopped up some dried raisins, cranberries, and apricots. Place the fruit on the bottom sheet and cover it over with the second crust and and roll it out so the fruit is pressed between two layers.


Use a cookie cutter to get your shapes and lay them out on your baking sheets. I had teeny weeny leaf and acorn cutters so I used those. I did some little cuts on the leaves and acorns for details.

Like all cut cookies, there are scraps , so I just collected the scraps and rolled them out again and used a square cutter to make some larger crackers.


Bake at 425 degrees for a fast 8 minutes, even a little less if you have small ones.
The Hubs declared them delish when he arrived home before attacking the Chinese food I had procured. I think they will be great with slivers of a great cheddar cheese or as a garnish to a wintery root vegetable soup, like butternut squash bisque.
They bear an amazing resemblance to these classics

But they are not as sweet, easily fixed by sprinkling the top crust with a little sanding sugar.