Cake for Days….

Literally, it took days to make and as far as I know the remnants are still circulating amongst family members for the past few days. All I know is that I was not taking any of it home with the Hubs and I….


As you know, I made a batch of whoopie pie macarons last weekend and turned out a bunch of meringues at the same time in festive shades of pink and green….


Meringues are a whole measure easier than macarons to make and give you almost the same, and I mean almost, satisfaction. It’s egg whites and sugar, whipped to a frenzy and flavored and tinted. And they can also be saved in airtight containers and stay fresh for a long while.

I made a golden cake and upped the game by adding an extra egg, subbing milk for water, and butter for oil. The result is a richer crumb, and softer, richer taste. I made 2 9″ square cakes and filled the layers with buttercream and a little apricot jam for moisture and then frosted the whole cake. You could stop there but as the Hubs said, nothing succeeds like excess, and so I added chocolate ganache, a spill of plain and chocolate macarons, meringues and chocolate dipped strawberries and tiny, edible fairy stars…after all, it’s Christmas!


Khristmas Kitchen

Where I attempt to channel good karma into baked goods…

Episode 2…Gingerbread Macarons, the Magnificent Obsession   

 I haven’t made Macarons for about 5 months, but fell back into the old rhythm with no problem. This weekend I turned out a batch of gingerbread macaron shells filled with vanilla buttercream. Same formula except I subbed a half ounce of combined ginger, cloves and cinnamon at the end.


Macarons, the Magnificent Obsession

In honor of my sister in law A, and her favorite adult beverages, I made a batch of margarita flavored macarons this afternoon. We have a family gathering on Sunday, where my brother will fire up the frozen margarita maker, so I figure these can be the garnish!

I did get the margarita coloring just right and added lime extract, lime zest and salt of course to the buttercream. Perfect for the start of summer pool party! 


Macarons ,The Magnificent Obsession

Karats for Sale, Part I

How did it happen that I did not make macarons in March? The horror!

So I made up for it and turned out a batch of carrot cake flavored ones, filled with pineapple buttercream I mixed the dry spices for carrot cake ( ginger, cinnamon, allspice) in with the almond flour for that spicey batter flavor.



I diced dried pineapple and mixed with the whipped buttercream. And because it’s yellow, it’s the first entry for this months color challenge which is yellow! I added some yellow gel food coloring for a totally yellow filling. Looks great with the orange dontcha think?