Beach Bag Book – Labor Day Edition

I found this book in Eason’s in Dublin last August and didn’t buy it at the time, along with 2 other books because…

  1. I had enough reading material with me for my vacation
  2. It’s a nice fat book and didn’t want to lug it home!

I did take a picture of the cover for reference for later and put it on my Amazon wish list because of course….when I got back to the states, it hadn’t been published here yet.

Fast forward 10 months, and I’m strolling through Costco one nite and there lo and behold is the big fat book…

I immediately throw it in the carriage and think to myself, that will be perfect beach reading! Because you can’t read on an Ipad on the beach!

Well, it was perfect beach (and beyond) reading!

Great story around a family who have built a cosmetics dynasty on one product, “The Creme”. Launched in the Coronation year of 1952, the firm is trying to reinvent itself in time for it’s 60th jubilee and is looking at declining sales and a complete disregard by the matriarch to keep up with current shopping and cosmetic trends. Enter the turnaround business expert with a neglected family, a husband just trying to find his own way, and a battle royal to be fought with the matriarch. She befriends some and of course, figures out the fix just in the nick of time, even though the venture capitalists shut off the funds.

Compelling back stories, elegant descriptions of London and Paris in the 50’s and 60’s and a great family stories work in it’s favor, though some characters are a little less believable.

Definately worth it for the long holiday weekend coming up, particularly good for poolside reading!

Beach Bag Books, Summer 2015

I wanted to stay home from work to read this book! That’s how much I enjoyed it! 

Originally saw review in Oprah and filed it away and then saw reviews of it in at least two other places.  Hilariously funny , yet somehow worrying tale of a senior editor of THE fashion magazine called Glossy. Imogen Tate has a terrific husband , adorable well behaved children, a loaded closet, opportunity, challenges and most recently cancer. She returns to her job after medical leave, to find her world ruled by her former intern, recently transformed into a B school bully.

How she rises to reclaim her former position via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and wisdom is a great quick read, perfect for the beach, a rainy cottage, a cruise or a plane trip! 

Twelve Posts of Christmas Pt. 7 – Winter Solstice, a novel by Rosamunde Pilcher

Easily one of my top 5 favorite books. I read it every Christmas, without fail. I love the story of being someplace snowy and foreign for Christmas with no obligations or schedule.
The novel tells the story of 5 sort of strangers thrown together by loss, new beginnings, and escapism at an old manor house in the very far north of Scotland, where snow falls heavy and blocks transit and night lowers about 3 pm. There is a kindly minister, a clattering cleaning women, accommodating local vendors, last minute parties, and sincere and simple gift giving. I also like that it was written before our current 24 hour news cycle, smart phones, and celebrity worship of the millennium.
Start your own St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day tradition and read it for the holidays. Then read it again next year! And the next year….