Well that didn’t turn out quite the way I planned…


Somewhere recently I saw a recipe for grilled feta based Greek salad. It failed to tell you that grilling meant over open fire, not grilled on a pan. Then you just get melted cheese. However I can tell you that it was delicious. And just because it was handy and about to go over the edge…I added avocado. Which just upped the yummy factor.


I cut up some cherry tomatoes, cukes, and red onion and tossed with canned and rinsed chick peas and some olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and dill.


I cut some giant greek olives up for garnish and taste. Those pits are hard to get out….


I plated it all up on some butter lettuce. I wish I could remember what I served it with…I’m sure it was some kind of grilled meat!

Fruit Salad

Seriously the best salad I’ve made in years…dead ripe fresh peaches sliced, dead ripe and sliced avocado, a thinly sliced red onion, baby romaine and a vinaigrette of evoo, apricot curd (just about a tablespoon) and a little apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Really, try it. It’s the peaches….

Southwest by Won Ton…

Ok, I admit it…I got a teensy bit of inspiration from California Pizza Kitchen. But I get points for turning it into a salad, right?

Start with plain won ton wrappers, or egg roll wrappers, in your grocers produce aisle. Add some chopped avocado, chopped bacon, shredded cheese and I added chopped tomato also.

Then I chopped up the chicken I had roasted with jalapeños and shishito peppers, olive oil and salt and pepper, garlic and cilantro.

I put a scoop in the middle of the square, folded over the side, then the ends and piled them seam side down. I put some vegetable oil in the skillet and popped them in and kept turning them as I browned them.

I cut them in the diagonal and served them on a bed of greens. I made a dressing out of creme fraiche, lime juice, chili powder, and pepper and added some green onions.

You could keep them warm in the oven and give them a little melty if you were doing a big batch. Not sure how they would do with a rehear because we ate them all!

Summer Salad

I’ve been making a lot of salads lately…for a variety of reasons.  All of which contribute to a lifestyle of healthy, wealthy and wise… so bear with me while I present an unfolding panoply from the last few days !

First up a copy cat recipe from of all places, Ireland. It’s not really the first place you think of when you see an avocado!

IMG_3082[1]But on our last nite in Clifden last summer, we had dinner in Foyle’s hotel and both my sister and I ordered the “baked avocado” salad. I honestly don’t remember if there were greens on the plate, but I do know that there was a whole avocado, cut in half and the top had a melted piece of mozzarella on it. Well that’s easy…


I tossed some cherry tomatoes in olive oil, salt and pepper and then placed them in a foil pan with the halved avocado and two slices of mozzarella. In the future I will start the tomatoes before hand because I like them a little roastier than they came out.


I placed the whole package on some arugula tossed with some balsamic glaze and added a little bit more salt and pepper. Nice protein fix from the cheese and avocado, so this was dinner for the nite. You could serve as a side salad also if you desired. But the baked avocado becomes much creamier with the heat. Just need to balance heated through versus melted!


Just Another Meatless Monday

I’ve been meaning to try this recipe for avocado pasta for a long time. I made it the other nite as a side for some pan roasted salmon with wilted baby kale and spinach.

But it is ridiculously easy and satisfying way to prepare pasta and will absolutely be enough for a meatless entree, especially if you use whole grain pasta, and add a big salad. Drop diced avocado into your food processor with as much minced garlic and fresh basil as you like. Add about a tablespoon of good olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

As Jamie Oliver would say, ” give it a whazz” until smooth, and toss with your cooked spaghetti. Reserve some pasta water in case you need to thin it out a bit. No cream, no butter, but very rich tasting! The Hubs loved it but reports that it doesn’t make the best leftover for microwaving, so make just what you will eat at one sitting!