Getting ready for “The Game”…

IMG_3790Once upon a time, I was in my twenties, unmarried and had been to one pro football game in my entire life, and that one was spent working a concession stand as a fundraiser for my parish. Fast forward to the late 90’s when a man changed my life…and it wasn’t the Hubs. It was Bob Kraft, who built a stadium and a championship team. Suddenly, like the Red Sox, now I cared. I hate when they make me care…

Anyway, I’m starting to think about what I’ll make for Super Bowl and knowing how the Hubs and I watch the game is important in the decision making process. One of the factors has to be “prep-ability” and fussiness level. I need to be able to prep it ahead and just pop in oven or on the heat for when we get hungry and it can’t be too fussy, because you never know when you are going to need to stand in front of the tv, in the coaching box, and make sure that Tommy and Danny and Gronk pull through…

I submit for your ease and satisfaction a buffalo chicken stuffed pie. Or whatever you all something with dough, that’s filled and baked.


Simply marinate chicken tenders or chicken breasts in Franks’ Hot Sauce. Then bake them till done. Shred the chicken and mix with more Hot Sauce, and an 8 oz block of lo fat cream cheese. Mix thoroughly.


Spread on the single pie shell you happen to have hanging around from the holidays, fold over and bake as directed. Make sure you cut vent slits in top. You can hold it in one hand and your beer in the other….

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