I was just thinking….


I was just thinking this week….

That I saw the inside of a lot of NYC yellow cabs…however, you can watch TV and pay with an app. Technology…

I really need to master the subway in NYC because sitting in traffic is a time waster…

If I continue to spend a lot of time in NYC, then some nite I’m going to see what Broadway show I can get a discounted ticket/s to at the last minute…

If you’re in NYC and someone says, “it’s only 10 blocks”…make sure you understand if they are east/west blocks ( long) or north/south blocks (short). I can do either, I just have to prepare…

Back in Boston, I keep seeing the same girl at South Station every morning. She’s wearing 5” platform spike heels…in this weather. Brave.

I don’t know any of the songs/singers nominated for Grammies, and felt the same way about Golden Globes and SAG awards. Who is watching all these shows? Who has the time? And how much are they paying in cable or streaming fees?

I just washed the window on my front door. Ashamed of myself. My mother would be apoplectic.

I’m ready for it to be spring…

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