Bloody Mary is the girl I love…

IMG_3592Remember that song by Rodgers and Hammerstein from “South Pacific”? They sang about a native woman tribal leader, but what they really should have sung about is the nifty cocktail of the same name made with vodka and spicy tomato juice and these days garnished with everything from olives to lobster to a slider sized cheeseburger.


I recently ran across a recipe for Bloody Mary Soup that sounded perfect for a wreath making and shopping party I was attending on the holiday weekend. I made it in about 10 minutes and it tasted just like a cocktail. You don’t actually put vodka in the soup until after it’s cooked and if I had more time, I would have actually infused some vodka for service. But tempus fugit, so no infused vodka. Maybe next time. Basically it’s 4 cans of whole plum tomatoes, 3 cups of vegetable stock, garlic, a chunked up onion, 2 large peeled and chunked up carrots, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and the key to success and authentic taste…Old Bay seasoning. Throw it all in your slow cooker and put on high for 3 hours or more, or your pressure cooker on soup setting (about 30 minutes).


Once it’s cooked, smooth it out in your blender in small batches or put your stick blender in and move it around while smoothing it out.


I brought it to the party in my Instant Pot because you can transport it with the cover locked down. I made skewers with these ginormous olives stuffed with blue cheese and the sweet hot peppers, both from Trader Joe’s and put them on a nice tray, put some vodka in a cute little bar pitcher and put out extra Old Bay seasoning and some creme horseradish for a little extra something.

It would be a great soup for brunch over the holidays, super bowl party, a football weekend and more. Highly recommended by the Hubs and all the guests at the decorating and shopping party!

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