We Fondue, Do You?


Cooking Light has a great recipe for a family service meatball fondue that is lightened in substance and calories by making the meatballs out of shredded zucchini and ground chicken.


The mini meatballs ( size of a quarter) are made with shredded zucchini, shredded onion, and ground chicken. Instead of pan frying they are cooked off in the oven.


Doctor up a supermarket jar of low sodium marinara sauce with mushrooms. I also added the end of the zucchini and onion ( and there might have been a little bit of butter slipped in also…) Make sure to use an oven proof skillet for the sauce as it will have to go under the broiler later on!


Add the meatballs to the skillet of marinara. Top the skillet with shredded cheese and place in a  425° oven. ( Pepperoni added by moi, because, well…pepperoni)

The fondue is served with thinly sliced whole wheat baguette. The meatballs are softer because they were not fried and also the consistency of the chicken and zucchini is much softer than ground beef.  Enjoy!

Currently Crushing

Grills grills grills!!! 😆 Thank you, @theflave69 for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
According to the archives, I have not done a “crushing” edition since July 27th, which doesn’t seem completely possible, but it could be.  I am totally off a publishing schedule. Trying to get back on track.
I have worked in commercial kitchens since I was 16 years old and have seen it all. Really…ask me about the knife throwing chef someday…or the starfish that lived on the bottom of a box of fish…
Anyway, with the rise of social media, there is a whole new world to be discovered for fans of just how funny kitchens can be. Labeling in storage is a non negotiable for food safety. Evidently, however, spelling is negotiable. I give you KitchenTape on Instagram.
( link below)
It’s like Manuel from Fawlty Towers meets Oscar Wilde in a kitchen. Some of them are just sounded out for spelling  (“Bowl in Nas for Bolognese) and some of them are really funny (“Die Kahn” for daikon, a type of radish). I haven’t seen a new post in a while so I hope whoever is behind Kitchentape continues.


Because kitchen tape doesn’t have spell check. 🍴🍔🍩😆 #kitchentape
(Caesar dressing) Gonna pass on this salad, thanks. 😮Thank you, @jamiestriha for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
That's one sweet sizzling jam! 🥓Thank you, @kristophermcgowan for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
(Noodles) Send nudos. 😉🍜Thank you, @mozartistic for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
(Swiss chard) A quart of wet shart. Thank you, @overmind78 for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
(Daikon) KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! 😆🖖🏼 Thank you, @scotticusss for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #cheflife
Uuhhh... Nah, I'm good. 😐 Thank you, @dbakesacake for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #kitchenlife #cheflife #cheflaughs
(Bolognese) Just sound it out! 😂😂😂 🍝 Thank you, @xxbammiexx for the pic!!! #kitchentape #truecooks #kitchenlife #cheflife #cheflaughs
And I can honestly say, it is superb!
And it comes in cute little glass pots that can be recycled for so many things like holding votive lights or planting little succulents or hold makeup brushes or posies from the garden. The craft world is spinning on it’s axis..
If you like Greek style, this is not it. But it is creamy and full of flavor and not too sweet, just a hint of fruit at the bottom. The absolute hands down best flavor is coconut which tastes more like a panna cotta than mass retailer yogurt, but don’t question it. Given the absence of it on store shelves in last couple of weeks at Target and more, I am hoping they up the production because I am not the only one buying it. Eight flavors including plain, vanilla, coconut, lemon, peach, blueberry, strawberry and black cherry. I would humbly petition for apricot and perhaps a mango or chocolate. Thanks Yoplait!