“Open the door …to your Mystery Bake”!

MysteryDateGameboxWait! What? Remember this board game from the 60’s and 70’s? Well, this weekend I launched the CashmereTea version, except I’m calling it Mystery Bake! Here’s how it all started…

This is my baking cart…it resides in my pantry. It is out of control. Out of control sends my OCD into overdrive. I can’t just throw everything out and waste all the ingredients, but as we used to say in the inventory business, we need to reduce the number of sku’s in the equation. So I’m launching Mystery Bake. Each week or 10 days, I’m going to pull an ingredient off the cart and then make something for general consumption with it.


First up, graham flour and 2 half used bag of white chocolate chips. Let’s tackle the easy stuff first, the white chocolate chips. One bag is no longer white, it’s now dark yellow and not individual chips but one big “chip”. Trash. Second bag goes into the chocolate pot to melt slowly over even heat.

I find a recipe on Pinterest for homemade graham crackers and think, “perfect, I can bake them and then dip them in melted white chocolate”. I have 24 oz of flour and the recipe is only using like 3, so I decide to double the recipe. That will use most of it. Easy enough recipe to work up and I decided to make large crackers to eat with tea instead of cracker size.


Once it was all mixed in the food processor, I cut the dough block in half and worked each half separately, rolled it out on wax paper and stuck in the fridge for an hour to chill.

I rolled out the dough, cut big circles and baked them off per the recipe.

Now back to the melted white chocolate…yeah, not so much. While I wasn’t looking the white chocolate left over from the Eisenhower administration had seized up. No dipping for these graham cookies. I reached back onto the cart for another mystery ingredient of sanding sugar and gave them a little sprinkle. Still delicious! Perfect with a cup of tea!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Mystery Bake!

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