Note to Self


In America’s quest to kill their daily intake of carbohydrates, cauliflower is getting a lot of play in kitchens across the US. Trader Joes of course is more than willing to play in that space and has produced a line of carb substitute, cauliflower centric items like this pizza crust, mashed and rice cauliflower and more. I figured…”I’ll bite”


What starts out innocently enough as a quick pizza meal for the Hubs and myself on our ever humble grill based pizza stone, turned fairly rapidly into a LUMP. And it was completely due to operator error…aka Moi loaded it up too much.


Because when you take big slices of heavy heirloom tomatoes that are really WET and add HEAVY chicken to that…


And then you add some HEAVY cheese and maybe some bacon and try to cook it, well, not so much…


But adding arugula and avocados and creme fraiche to the top is probably what really pushed the scales…dontcha think?


Everything was cooked it just became a knife and fork pizza!

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