Eggs Two x Two

Did you ever watch “Moonstruck”? One of my top 3 movies and in this scene Loretta Castorini played by Cher and her mother Rose, played by Olympia Dukakis are having it out about Loretta’s new lifestyle. Of utmost importance in the scene however is what Rose is cooking for breakfast, shown in the opening shot. It’s called “eggs in a hole” and has been getting some serious play in my house recently because I had this loaf of brioche that was just perfect for pulling the middle out of!

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First I used a little measuring glass to punch the whole out of the middle of each slice in a not so tidy fashion. Then on a medium hot skillet that had a good coating of cooking spray I arranged the slices in the pan and cracked an egg into each hole.


I let the bottom of each slice get medium brown and make sure the egg bottom is set and then flip over. You may get a little leak of egg out the bottom, but it’s not a deal breaker. In this mornings version I was using up a 1/2 avocado that was at its’ 5 second of ripeness stage, then heel of a knob of buffalo mozzarella, and the end of a jar of fried Italian peppers. The peppers can heat in the skillet once you flip the bread. I sprinkled some fresh parmesan on top for more flavor. You can top and season and garnish to your hearts content.

Speaking of hearts, the denouement of the scene concludes with the return of money to Loretta’s aunt and uncle, a showdown between her mother and father about a mistress, the return of Johnny Camerari, a confession of true love and a champagne toast ( with sugar cube!)

“Do you love him Loretta?”

“Oh, Ma, I love him something awful…”


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