Just another Meatless Monday…


Nothing like a little Lidia Bastianich viewing to inspire you for some easy, stovetop, don’t have the stove on too long in the air conditioning recipes. Last week, I watched her with her granddaughter turn out a simple mushroom crostini recipe that I paired with some dressed greens and a little cheese for a dinner salad.


I rubbed some french bread with garlic cloves and olive oil and sent them out to the Hubs for attention on the grill.


Meanwhile, back at the stove, I melted a knob of butter and softened a package of sliced shiitake mushrooms.


I splashed in some wine and then added a knob of mascarpone cheese and turned the heat down very low, barely on.


I dressed plain arugula with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Top the greens with 2 slices of grilled bread and the mushrooms from the pan while they are still hot.


I shaved Ricotta Salata cheese but you can easily use a nice Asiago or goat cheese. Similarly you can add cream to the mushrooms instead of mascarpone. It’s an easily adaptable item and makes a nifty, quick and satisfying meatless dinner for a hot nite with a chilled glass of wine. Enjoy!

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