Currently Crushing…

Short version this week, only a couple of items of note…


Christopher Nolan’s well told tale of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force in the spring of 1940. The US was not in the war yet, so this episode of history is often forgotten in the US. The movie portrays the evacuation from the perspective of the men on the beach, the “small boat navy” that rescued over 300,000 of them and the battles int the air over the site, bombing escaping vessels and the RAF providing cover and engaging the Luftwaffe in plane to plane combat to distract them from bombing.

This is a tense movie, not a lot of relaxation taking place in the seats, that’s for sure. Not a lot of dialogue either and there are more than a few memes floating around on the entertainment sites these days about how to tell the three main British actors apart because when you are wearing matching uniforms and constantly drenched in sea water, you do kind of resemble each other. Kenneth Branagh takes the star turn as the British naval commander sharing the evacuation responsibilities with his Army peer and the original man of few words Mark Rylance portrays a small boat owner that participates in the evacuation with a shell shocked soldier on board and an unfolding tragedy with his neighbor’s son that jumped on board to help  at the last minute.

Should get an Oscar nod for sound and possibly art direction and cinematography. In theaters nationwide….


Short of moving to France, I try to infuse my daily life with as much French influence as possible. Le Petit Marseillais is one of the most iconic brands in France in household goods. So when I found that a brand I recognized from our travels in France was now selling in the US, AND they were selling the fabulously orange blossom scented body wash, well I just stocked right up! Less than $4 at Walgreens, CVS, Target and more. Orange Blossom is my favorite but the White Peach and Nectarine is a close second. Lavender is a classic. Just the right kind of summer treat!


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