Quick Bisque


Boston area supermarkets wage lobster wars on the holiday weekends in summer. You can usually buy 1# or 1.25# “chicken” lobsters for about $6.99 a pound, which in today’s food world is pretty cheap for a retail priced lobster.


We indulged in some ” bugs” on Saturday nite and after we had stripped them of everything they could contribute in the form of a lobster roll, and after setting aside a tail, I boiled the carapaces with some onions and carrots and bay leaves. Before I went to bed, I put the whole pot into the fridge to hold.


Then Sunday afternoon, I sweated a medium onion and some carrots in butter and added the chopped lobster meat from the tail that I had saved.


I added about 1/3 cup of flour and stirred until just turning brown….


Added some dry rose wine that I had hanging around…( how did that happen?)


Added the stock ( about 4 cups) from the shells from the night before and 2 oz of tomato paste. Reduced the whole pot by half.


Added 1/2 cup of sherry and 1 cup of light cream and then whazzed it up with my trusty stick blender to smooth it out. Look Mom, no lumps!


Season to taste and maybe garnish with some fresh parsley. A simple supper for anytime of year, but yummy in the summer by the beach or lake.

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