Stars and Stripes!

You know how sheet pan suppers are all the rage? Evidently slab pies are now the darling of Pinterest pinners. My bestie, L, was telling me about this one in particular and because baking is cheaper than therapy, I gave it a whirl on Saturday and sent the whole slab/pan to rehearsal with the Hubs on Sunday.

I used 2 packages of pre made pie crusts, one large bags of frozen whole strawberries and a small bag of frozen blueberries. Also, sugar, corn starch and a little lemon zest/juice.

I used my 1/2 sheet pan, aka a jelly roll pan and overlapped the crusts to gauge how much I would need for the bottom crust. 

Rolled them out together to get them as close to pan size as possible. Rolled the crusts onto my rolling pin and draped into the pan and pinched, trimmed etc till it was a full crust. I did have to piece some of the edges.

Mix one tbsp corn starch and one tbsp sugar and some lemon zest with the blueberries

Fill the top left corner with the blueberry mix.

Repeat the cornstarch, sugar and lemon with the strawberries but double the amounts. Fill in the rest of the pan with the strawberry mix.

I used a cookie cutter for the stars and set aside.

I stretched the remainder of the dough by rolling and squared it off with a pizza cutter and bench scraper.

Then I cut and placed 1″ stripes over the strawberries. Thirteen alternating stripes….

Placed the stars and popped into oven following directions on box for oven temp.

When baked I sprinkled with some sparkly sanding sugar for that festive look. Only an empty pan came home…

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