So Many Apricots…Part II


Keep slicing!…Now I moved on to apricot curd. Traditionally, curd is sold or made with lemons, sometimes lime, but you can really make it with any fruit. I’ve made orange, clementine, raspberry and apricot on more than one occasion.


Put the sliced fruit and 2 tablespoons each of water and sugar in a heavy pot. Bring to a boil and dial back the heat to simmer for 5 minutes. Fruit will get soft but won’t disintegrate. You want the flavor of the fruit, not the taste of sugar, so you can adjust the sugar for your own taste.


Pulse the hot fruit in your food processor or blender and then push through a sieve or china cap to remove the solids. You could also use a food mill, which I’ve used in the past but didn’t feel like unlimbering it from the cabinet. Move the now mostly liquid fruit back into the heavy pot.


Meanwhile, whisk two egg yolks with corn starch until smooth. (ANOTHER MAJOR BAKING SECRET!)


Stir the eggs and corn starch mix into the hot fruit on low heat. Keep mixing….


Next, drop 2 tablespoons of butter into the hot mix and continue to stir. The mix will start to tighten up and is helped immensely by the corn starch you added to the egg yolks. I had never used corn starch as an ingredient in curd before this particular batch and couldn’t believe how well it worked and did NOT change the taste. All you get is fruit.


Because we use the product so quickly and it only made about 12 ounces ( about a dozen whole apricots to start), I just filled two old jam jars. But if you have done pressure or steam canning in the past, feel free to follow your procedures for that. The Hubs and I have been enjoying the curd on toasted french bread ( tartine) with a little butter with our hot morning beverages.



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