Nevertheless, She Persisted….

RUN, do not walk, to see Wonder Woman. OMG…I feel like a total geek norb for going to see this movie, but I have to tell you it is 2+ hours of feel good, check your brain at the door, estrogen powered FUN!

Gal Gadot (“leaning in” to the role) plays Diana Prince, daughter of Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons According to the legends of the gods, Zeus breathed life into a child formed from clay by Hippolyta, because you know, there’s a shortage of children on Paradise Island, because, well, no men.

We see Diana as a child, longing to be taught the fighting techniques of the warrior race of women. Robin Wright (yes, that Robin Wright, taking a break from being President Underwood in House of Cards) is Diana’s aunt, Antiope, the strongest and bravest of the women warriors. She recognizes her superior “god given” abilities and knows she will be the one to battle the return of the god of war. Connie Nielsen plays Diana’s mother who resists the call her daughter is hearing to save the world and in the end finally relents and gives her blessing when she leaves Paradise Island with Steve.

Great sequences include the plane crash that brings Steve Trevor to the island, the battle scenes on the beach ( the three arrow trick is awesome) the battle at No Man’s Land, the village in France and the scenes involving evil Dr. Poison ( also a female character balancing things out nicely) and General Ludendorff.  David Thewliss, of Harry Potter “Lupin” fame plays the god of war, Ares.

Clever spins are the opening scene delivery van from Wayne Enterprises, Diana’s final email to Bruce Wayne, the unveiling that she lives in Paris and operates from the Louvre and the funniest pun in the whole movie is when Diana, confronting a naked Steve Trevor in the bath, asks “what is that?”meaning his wristwatch, but Steve wrongly believes she is referring to a rather prominent part of this anatomy.

The directors touch of female empathy is everywhere. Diana is constantly getting sidelined by wanting to help women and children that she sees on the adventure. There is no invisible airplane, but the golden lariat, bracelets and most of all, the tiara and their powers are evident.

The movie clearly is the beginning of a franchise, and I’m not convinced that we have seen the last of the handsome Steve Trevor. I’d look for designers to be incorporating armor details in the spring shows for 2018 and I’d go see the movie again. I’d bring a bunch of little girls, if I knew any, because given the state of things today, a wonder woman could be just what we need in each of our lives. And the Hubs liked it so much, he brought home a poster for his locker….Wonder, Power, Grace indeed.

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