Kind of pokey, artichokey…..

So, in all the years I have been cooking, I have never actually cooked an artichoke. Doing so, requires a bit of time consuming prep that may possibly be filed under “not worth the effort”. Still deciding.

I found a bag of HUGE Land of the Lost sized chokes at local wholesale club only a couple of days after I watched an episode of Giada in Italy where she served grilled artichokes with “bagna cauda” or  “hot bath” dipping sauce of lemon, butter, garlic and anchovies.

That’s the easy part..first you have to get the chokes ready and cooked.

‘First cut the tip of the artichoke off, about two levels of leaves down and peel off the outside leaves. Then snip the tops off the outer leaves. I definitely had to size up on the knife when lopping off the top!

Cut the chokes in half and trim the stem of outside layer.

Then, use a teaspoon and remove the soft chokey part. ( see example on the right)

Add some wine, water and fresh herbs to a large non reactive pot.

Nestle the halves and some lemon halves in the pot and bring to a boil. Cook for about 20 minutes, so the artichokes are good and soft. The color will fade too like all cooked veggies.

Then toss the cooked halves in olive oil and grill for about 8 minutes per side.

Lessons learned…

I needed to peel off more outer leaves after cooking to find the very tender and sweet inner leaves…yum!

Everything tastes good dipped in anchovy butter!

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