Just another meatless Monday

IMG_0877If pepperonata is a dish made with peppers as the main flavor, then caponata features one of my personal favorite ingredients.  Those wonderful little salt bombs, stars of piccata everywhere, ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for…..capers!

I whipped up a quick caponata the other nite, featuring mini eggplants cut into 1” pieces, cauliflower florets ( fresh, not frozen) and a medium yellow onion cut into thick slices. Tossed with olive oil and a little pepper.


Out of the oven, I added more olive oil, some red wine vinegar, some  parsley, capers, and kalamata olives along with some sliced mini roma tomatoes.

So many things you can do with it. Toss with fresh arugula and some lemon juice and large fresh croutons for a fattoush like salad, topped with crumbling of feta cheese and stuffed in a pita or wrap, or served over brown rice and topped with some golden raisins for a little sweet, the caponata is a master of disguises!


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