More from the garden….


I finished up planting the annuals over the weekend, in between the raindrops! In the fall when I closed up the patio, I got rid of a lot of chipped, broken, too big, too small pots that I had hanging around. During a visit about 8 years ago, my mother sat patiently on the back step and counted over 100 pots on my little 10’x20′ patio. The years have taken their toll and now the number is down to a much more manageable figure somewhere in the vicinity of 3 dozen.


I’ve had this multi tier whizbang thing hanging around taking up various duties over the years. For a long time it held the detritus of the kitchen that didn’t go in a cupboard…the odd candy bar, bunch of bananas and loaf of bread type of stuff along with the weeks’ tomatoes. But that clutter got old and I moved the stand along to the patio where for the last 2 summers, it has held tiny pots with tiny plants, which dry out way to fast in the high heat of summer. ( Given that the temps this week won’t crack 60°F I don’t think I have to worry just yet…)


So for this season, I bought 2 el cheapo coir basket liners at Lowe’s along with a bag of sheet moss. I cut the coir liners to fit and lined the bottoms and sides of the baskets with the sheet moss and then put the liner inside that. Then I just planted the heck out of all the levels with 6 packs of annuals ( impatiens in pink and white, Irish moss, dark pink zonal geraniums, lavender ivy geraniums, a meuhlenbeckia wire plant and some verbena. The coir and moss will help hold moisture in and I can drench the whole stand with the hose as well as misting as needed! Plus as everyone knows it gives a little height to the garden! As you can see I also like to put little toys into my plants, so often you will find shells, starfish replicas, and tiny dime store bunnies tucked in among the green.

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