The Hanging Garden of Brooks St. 2017


Remember these from last spring?  Little hanging balls of old orchids and new impatiens….harrumph, didn’t really last. Dried out fast even in the limited morning sun of my east facing patio. They would have sizzled in the front of the house! In the same spirit but with improved facilities, I’m proud to present….(drum roll please)

The 2017 version of the hanging garden, featuring lettuce and parsley. Shamelessly stolen from Pinterest!


I bought 2 hayrack coir half round planters at Lowe’s for under $10. I bought 2 six pack plants of lettuce and 2 parsley plants and went to town. I bought some peat moss for moisture retention because …wind, sun and lettuces need a lot of water.



I cut slits in the coir matting and pushed the seedlings of lettuce into each hold. (Top picture is outside, bottom picture is inside)


Then, alternating layers of potting soil and peat moss, until the first 1/2 is filled. I laid the parsley plants right on the edge so they would fit between the two halves. I repeated the slits and the lettuce seedlings with the second 1/2.



Once the second 1/2 was planted and filled with soil and peat moss, I stretched a plastic bag over the open side. I figured it was sort of like an crepe or omelette in that you need a plate to flip it on once it’s cooked. I also figured I could do a presto chango thing after and pull the bag out like a tablecloth from underneath a full set of dishes…yeah..not so much.


Anyway, once together forming a sphere, use cable ties to secure the two halves together. You can’t use enough cable ties….

To quote Joan Cusak in ” Working Girl” …”it needs a bow or something!” I know it will fill out with lettuce and parsley but I will probably get some nice sheet moss and tuck it in her and there to decorate a little.

Watch this space for updates!


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