Currently Crushing

It’s like buttah! No more crystallized honey in a teddy bear bottle! A little goes a long way…

I’ll never make my own again. The Hubs thought it was rice and was trying to figure out what holiday it was, because he thought he was eating rice…And! You can make it in the microwave ! In your grocers’ freezer!

Sometime over the winter on 2 separate occasions, I saved a photo of this wine to either my Facebook or Instagram account.and promptly forgot about it. Then I found it at a local wholesale club and thought…”why not?” Rose season is fast approaching and I cracked a bottle for my birthday weekend recently. ( Unofficially, my birthday is the start of Rose swilling season and cute shoe season…) This one was bright and flavorful and comes with this cute pink glass stopper instead of a cork. Because…added value!

More next month! Stay tuned !

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