Mocking the real thing


Not many things are as boring to photograph as cauliflower, however, not many things are as good for you. And as many of you know, we here at Chez Miller have been known to substitute “choufleur” for evil carbs like rice and potatoes as often as possible. I manage to make a substitution about once a week with moderate to enthusiastic praise from the Hubs.


Imagine my surprise however, when he enthusiastically approved the latest substitution of potatoes with cauliflower in his all time favorite summer dish….potato salad. Except, I guess, it’s really mock potato salad.

I cut the cauliflower up into small florets and cooked in boiling salted water till they were just going soft. If you cook too much, then you will get mush. So watch carefully.

Then, add whatever you add for your own potato salad recipe. Here at Chez Miller we add hard boiled eggs , diced up, with a little hot sauce, Cains mayonnaise, salt, pepper, dried dill, some chopped up gherkins and a little dijon mustard. On occasion, I have been known to add bacon, because, well…bacon.

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