Currently Crushing…


I feel like I’ve been kept away from the world’s greatest non alcoholic beverage club..HolyBubbles, Batman…this stuff is good! Notice the wide array of traditional and some not so traditional flavors. The usual seltzer flavors like lime, lemon etc. But how about that Apricot? And coconut! The Hubs reports that the coconut is excellent mixed with dark rum. Wow..Locally, I can find them at Target, but Amazon Pantry also stocks at a much higher price point I might add…Summer’s coming….


My bestie, L, gave me these two paring knives for Christmas…she warned me that it would be the knife I reached for all the time. She was right, my 6″ French knife that fits my hand like it was designed for it, is feeling a little left out these days. It’s been on the “bench” aka the knife rack, since I’ve taken to using these beauties all the time for everything except butchering a hog or breaking up a squash ( haven’t done either of those things recently, but they seemed like a good comparison…) Some styles available on Amazon, but the main website


A pocket, a sprocket! I bought my HP Sprocket after seeing it on QVC. I tried to get it at the holidays, but it was sold out and I kinda wanted the EasyPay option. It’s a nifty little printer, no bigger than your phone, that prints gorgeous business card size photos that can then be a sticker! (That little bunny above is a sample print that I just ran!)

How fun! Oh, and did I mention, no ink to spill? A refill pack of 20 cards is $10. Fun for the whole family. Available on QVC and Amazon and probably bunches of other places like Best Buy etc!

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