I can’t believe I forgot the cheese!


At just about this point, I was suppose to top each of these eggplant meatballs with some mozzarella cheese and brown them in the oven… whoops.

Still worth making again for a meatless Monday entree though…


Slice eggplant the long way, salt heavily and place in a colander for an hour to soften and get some water out. I then put my slices between some paper towels and a heavy weight for a few minutes for an extra oomph…


Brown the strips in a hot skillet with olive oil.

IMG_2130 2

Toast some fresh bread crumbs with Italian seasoning and olive oil.


Pulse the charred eggplant with the bread crumbs and egg


Form mixture into meatballs ( yield for me was 12) and brown in skillet in olive oil. I then added marinara sauce and simmered as I showed above, but then was supposed to finish with the cheese.


To serve I sautéed spinach with garlic and made some brown rice. I also think you could add ground walnuts to the veggie meatballs to get you an extra hit of protein!


  1. I bet this would be awesome stuffed into mushrooms (small creminis or giant portabellas) – that would be my choice!! XOX

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