You say “kalpudding”, I say “meatloaf”


The New York Times is always good for reporting on current outrages coming out of Washington DC and at the same time, making soothing “there, there” sounds disguised as a recipe page.  Sam Sifton’s relatable recipe for a caramelized cabbage and pork “pudding” caught my eye, if only because it calls for lingonberry jam at the end and I happen to have a small , sample sized jar in the pantry, left over from my “Try the World” subscription boxes of last year…IMG_8715IMG_1641

Such a simple and homey feeling recipe comprised of ( you guessed it) cabbage, ground pork, bread crumbs, some onions and cream. Start by shredding the cabbage and sautéing in butter and a bit of either brown sugar or corn syrup and molasses. I mean a tiny bit. As the author notes, we should not be eating that much sugar anyway. He recommends cooking it until almost “tantalizingly burnt”. ( Italics by the author)


The recipe also calls for soy sauce and because my inventory of soy sauce is limited to the packets from take out Chinese food from HongKong Island and said inventory was in a current state of depletion, I used this Umami paste from Trader Joe’s. It did the trick.


Remove one third of the cabbage to a bowl with about a cup of bread crumbs, a pound of ground pork, a diced onion, salt and pepper.  Mix them thoroughly by hand. Then add about 3/4 cup of heavy cream. Add a little at a time, you don’t want the mixture sopping wet, just moist like a meatloaf mix and there’s no egg or cheese to bind this. Butter a loaf pan and lay the mixture in it, pressing it down so there are no gaps in the mix. Top the mix with the remainder of the cabbage. Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.  Serve with buttered fingerling potatoes and lingonberry jam.


I also think this would be good sliced and served with a fried egg on top, but I’ll have to experiment to make sure. The jam offsets the cabbage nicely though. With about 20″ of snow expected this week, this was a great dish to have for dinner one snowy nite!

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