It’s Barramundi Nite….

Of course sung to the tune of ” Ta Rah Rah Boom De Aye”….


If you’ve been with Cashmere Tea for a while, you know about my affection for Barramundi, the sustainable sea bass from the waters near Australia, although the distance sort of negates the sustainability. Anyway, it’s sold at Market Basket and Friday nite, I tried out my newest twist on it courtesy of Pinterest.


All you need are fresh tomatoes, olive oil, some basil, garlic and salt and pepper. You need white beans, fish and butter too!  Start out by cutting tomatoes into nickel size pieces, or cherry tomatoes in half. Marinate them and the white beans in olive oil, garlic, and basil. They only need about an hour. Then toss everything in a hot skillet and move it around. The tomatoes will pop and sizzle and that’s ok. They should break down a little.


Now here’s where I went off course. I did not move everything out of the pan to put the fish in. I just moved things off to the side and made room. I nestled the barramundi right in the pan and gave it about 4 minutes on each side.


At the end, just add a big knob of butter and let it melt down and stir gently. Remove the fish to a platter and add the beans and tomatoes on top. I added some sunflower sprouts for some crunch.


This was totally delicious! Very sunny and Mediterranean tasting and dead easy to make. Because of the beans, you don’t even need a potato or rice on the plate. Ok? All together now….”It’s barramundi nite, it’s barramundi nite..” Come on , you know the words.

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