No excuses….

Like all writers, I have been bitten by a little bit of writers block, including having to get up from my laptop to even remember the term “writers block”. It’s not that I don’t love ya, just not feeling especially inspired at this time of year. Looking forward to warmer days and nites, my garden and more. I’ve also been doing a bit of painting with my online class, a little cooking, but really nothing new and of course, looking for gainful employment that won’t make me break out.


Oh, and the Hubs and I built this closet system in my dressing room. Took us the whole holiday weekend. I have gathered up the clutter from the floor and installed some new hooks, so things are looking much better. Two bags of clothes to donation, and I think I can say I have officially decluttered my entire house!

So stay tuned for this and that and some new posts coming soon. Oh and if you were wondering what I made out of all the clementines, I brushed them with brown sugar and broiled them and then used them in salads! Great with goat cheese, spring onions, and mixed greens.

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