Turning the Pages….

You may have noticed some new links on my homepage for cashmeretea. I’m adding some features for existing and up and coming options that will make it easier to find some new things.

First, I have created links to my India Hicks business.


You can watch and learn here!

Connected to royalty and living on an out island in the Bahamas, India is smart and funny and has created a great business model for women, of which I am a part. Her designs are contemporary and sophisticated with a bit of whimsy mixed in. You can shop from the link and you can reach out to me on comments if you’d like to learn more about joining me in the business with India!


Then I have added a page called “Paint me a Picture” that I’m going to use to convey my new creative endeavor or painting in oils from an online class taught by the artist Dreama Tolle Perry. You can read about her here. She’s so talented! Oh my gosh, the colors!


Then I have two more pages, one called “Por Deux” or “for two” that showcases pictures that I have taken of two glasses or cups or sometimes meals when the Hubs and I have been traveling. The second is called “Look Up” and is a record of photos, mostly of religious statues, from my travels. In our secular America, it is unusual to see holy figures outside of the grounds of churches and temples, however in Europe, they appear everywhere and often.

I hope you enjoy these new additions. I may in fact add more in the future, but for now this will give me some new areas to fill out. Check back often and I’ll try to remember to update on the main site when something new is posted!


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