Lighter than air…


Isn’t that what they say about ballerinas? And didn’t they name this dessert Pavlova after a great ballerina?

What is it about a great big cake of egg whites and flavoring that instantly melts in your mouth that is so delicious? I mean, it’s barely there, and then it’s gone…like air ( do you see a pattern forming here?)


Anyway, for aforementioned dinner party on Saturday, I decided to break out the last jar of salted caramel that I brought home from France last year. I was going to just serve it over coffee ice cream, but then I thought…’it need something’. Why not make a pavlova? So I did.

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Dead simple, egg whites, powdered espresso for flavor, sugar, cornstarch and a couple of drops of white vinegar. It will come out of the mixer able to be formed to your liking, so in light of the upcoming Valentine holiday, you could always form it into a heart.  Then a 300° degree oven for about an hour, and let it cool completely in the oven.

Of course, no pictures are extent of the finished product because I got completely absorbed in dinner and guest and wine…but trust me it was delish!



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