You can’t go wrong with brisket…


We had some friends over Saturday nite for dinner and I was pondering cooking my standard short ribs for dinner when I struck upon the idea of doing a brisket instead. I had made Gail Simmons Horseradish Brisket in the past, but it came out kind of dry. I had followed the recipe and cooked it in the oven, but this time I reverted back to the trusty pressure cooker.


Like all pot roast, short rib type beefs, it’s kinda hard to mess it up and instead just go for savory and slow. If you have to run a second cycle on the pressure cooker, don’t worry, cooking it more, just means a more tender meat at the end. I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper and browned it in the pressure cooker with a little butter and olive oil. I took the meat out and and added carrots and sliced onions to the cooker. img_2068img_2064img_2070

Then I slathered the meat with prepared white horseradish according to the recipe and put it back in the pressure cooker with the veggies and the beef broth. I cooked for a total time of 2 hours under pressure, but oven cooking might be longer.


And just because I could, I threw in some short ribs for soup also. We got a brisket for 4, and 2 notes worth of soup for 2 out of the recipe. The horseradish may seem like a lot, but honestly, it just adds a nice note of savory to the jus. Not spicy at all.


Oh and I set the table really pretty, too. See?


    • Hi! For this recipe I only used beef broth, but usually I use beef broth and tomato paste. I always use carrots and onions. Then when the beef is gone or very little left, I add white beans and spinach or escarole to the broth for soup. Sometimes I make the short ribs in very little beef broth, shred them, and then make onion soup with the broth and beef! So delicious! Have fun!

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