We’re cooking…


Along with the aforementioned Onion Pie and curried lentil soup, I also turned out a huge pot of marinara sauce and made homemade meatballs and served them on cauliflower polenta with ricotta on Saturday nite.


On Sunday, I wanted to have something snackie for dinner like nachos. After all, the Pats were in the conference championship game for the AFC and the game started right when I normally would be working on dinner. I was thinking of doing nachos, but then transferred the flavor profile to soup and made a killer chicken tortilla soup, using roasted chicken from Costco, taco seasoning and canned beans. And I sped everything along in the pressure cooker. Dead simple. I picked the chicken and added the shredded chicken  to some sliced onions and chopped garlic that I had heated in the pressure cooker with the garlic seasoning and additional smoked paprika, chili and coriander. Add a can of rinsed white beans, a large can of diced tomatoes, 4 cups of chicken broth and cook for 90 minutes. Once the cooker de pressurizes , you will have a lovely rich soup. You can add additional levels of spice after cooking if you want. I cut some corn tortillas in strips and dropped them in boiling oil for a couple of minutes to crisp them up, sliced up an avocado that I luckily got at a perfect 10 seconds of ripeness. Some shredded cheese, a little sour cream or crema and a sliced jalapeño, very fresh. The Hubs loved this and seeing as the Super Bowl is in two weeks, time to start menu planning now….img_7065img_6679img_6505


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