Don’t you love the name?


Honestly, I think the name is worthy of a Bond girl. She was probably a friend of Eleanor Lavish, the character from E.M. Forster’s “Room with a View”. Evidently, according to Wikipedia, she did more than just cook. She’s listed as a culinary anthropologist, but also was in movies and was published and was a commentator for NPR. She’s kind of a big deal I think.


Anyway, I saw this recipe for her onion pie on the NYTimes site and of course, had to give it a try for Meatless Monday. I cooked a whole bunch over the weekend. Made curried lentil soup, and then tossed this together pretty easily. That is until the tip of my finger came off on the mandoline. Let’s put it like this… I had to throw out the first crust that I blind baked.


Really the only wonky item is peanut oil, but there’s not that much used and it is easy to find. Saute up the onions, mix with salt and pepper, add to blind baked crust and then pour eggs and cream over it. Bake and be done.


I plan on reheating in a 300°  oven and serving with a simple salad and some red wine. The perfect dinner for a rainy, snowy and damp winter nite. Qualifies for meatless Monday, too!

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