Baby steps…

For a baby New Year. I read with interest about a woman who is removing one item a day from her home for the first 40 days of the year. It’s only day 2 and the Hubs has already gone to the Goodwill with at least 40 items including 2 Christmas trees. Meanwhile, I filled a box today while cleaning the hutch after Christmas.

I love decluttering! 

And while peaking at the Cotton Bowl (On, Wisconsin!) I cleaned and sorted my kitchen flatware drawer. I inherited silver flatware from both Violet, my mother in law, and my Nana and it has been in the silver chest for too long, only being used for parties and holidays. Christmas Eve, when I was setting the table, I made the decision to move to using the silver everyday! What am I saving it for?

There are two patterns, simple and evocative of the times they were purchased in. The forties for Violet, married to an Army officer and stationed in France after WWII. Later, it probably went to Sao Paolo in Brazil with her and the Hubs and his dad when the Hubs was a boy. When she passed I found the pieces rolled up in plastic bags and stored under the sink so it would be ‘overlooked’ by anyone who might be burglarizing the house. My Nana’s is lighter in weight and smaller in size, so I think maybe bought before the war when effects of the Depression were still lingering and spare money went to family in Ireland. But there’s a 2nd set of teaspoons from Nana that are totally different. Both sets, no matter the provenance feel much warmer in the hand than the stainless. I’ve stored the stainless for access if needed, but honestly, we are all worth the good stuff.

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