Cake for Days….

Literally, it took days to make and as far as I know the remnants are still circulating amongst family members for the past few days. All I know is that I was not taking any of it home with the Hubs and I….


As you know, I made a batch of whoopie pie macarons last weekend and turned out a bunch of meringues at the same time in festive shades of pink and green….


Meringues are a whole measure easier than macarons to make and give you almost the same, and I mean almost, satisfaction. It’s egg whites and sugar, whipped to a frenzy and flavored and tinted. And they can also be saved in airtight containers and stay fresh for a long while.

I made a golden cake and upped the game by adding an extra egg, subbing milk for water, and butter for oil. The result is a richer crumb, and softer, richer taste. I made 2 9″ square cakes and filled the layers with buttercream and a little apricot jam for moisture and then frosted the whole cake. You could stop there but as the Hubs said, nothing succeeds like excess, and so I added chocolate ganache, a spill of plain and chocolate macarons, meringues and chocolate dipped strawberries and tiny, edible fairy stars…after all, it’s Christmas!


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