Golly Gumdrops


I have a nephew who is adamantly opposed to chocolate and so I always feel like he’s shortchanged on the dessert front because my family has a definite chocolate bias…so in a pique of holiday baking I whipped up a pan of gumdrop fudge for him.


Like most fudge, it’s pretty simple to put together. Sugar and cream heated together….


Marshmallow and white chocolate chips mixed and then pour the heated cream mixture over it until melted and creamy.


At this point I put the gumdrops in the mixing bowl and stirred them, but on review, I should have poured the white chocolate mix into the shallow pan, partially chilled it and then put the gumdrops into the mixture. They fell to the bottom of the pan…img_1825

As all fudge is, it’s very sweet and if you need a little hit of sugar in the middle of the day, this is the way to go. See your dentist before you eat, so you can put some space between you and your dentist…who would not approve!

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