Easy Peasy Pizza Pie


Been hearing a lot about skillet pizzas? Me too! And with good reason! Easy to put together for a quick supper, or an afternoon football party, because…bowl games, or even a treat for after school.


When the Hubs and I were in Vermont last spring at the King Arthur Flour store, I picked up a bag of this Italian style flour, it’s a little finer than normal AP flour, although that will work fine too. I just followed the directions on the back label. A little flour, a little yeast, a little water, a little sugar and salt…


A little nap for the dough in a warm place a.k.a the magic folding proofing cabinet…


Meanwhile back at the cutting board, I prepped ingredients for 2 different types of pie. Top photo is prosciutto, bleu cheese, red onion, fresh figs and a little fresh buffalo mozz. The lower photo is sundries tomatoes, shaved parm, the same buffalo mozz, and giant caper berries that are like giant satisfying salt bombs for your taste buds!


Oil a heavy skillet and heat. It needs to be very heavy and very oiled and very hot.


Punch down the dough and form it into a disk that can be cut in half and rolled out into 2 flat 14″ – 16″ discs


You can make smaller ones by cutting dough into either 4 or 6 pieces also


Put dough disc into the hot oiled pan and give it about 4 minutes on medium heat. You will be able to lift the pie once it starts to cook to check on the progress. Once the bottom is browned, you can flip it fairly easily and then top with various toppings.


Let things get a little melty and then add other items as needed. If you want, and you skillet is oven worthy, you can put the pan in the oven to melt everything, but honestly, the cheese melted just fine on the stovetop.


Once cooked, I topped with fresh arugula and some balsamic glaze from Trader Joe’s. But this would be just as easy with some shred cheese and pepperoni and jar pizza sauce! Mix up your toppings, or if you’re having a party, you know I am a proponent of everyone making their own pizza, so set the buffet of toppings out and let peeps design their own!

Because…bowl games.

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