Currently Crushing

Hi everyone! Here are a few things I’m crushing on this month…

I realized recently that fully 75% of my instagram feed is related to Paris in some form. And now I have a new one! 

Parler Paris is the website and weekly email from Adrian Leeds, she of the beret from House Hunters International fame. Get all the inside information on Paris and (sigh) living there by subscribing at her website.

On the food front, my new fave is this sunny, citrusy vinaigrette from Whole Foods. Tangerine vinaigrette is perfect on winter greens, romaine, arugula, but also good on roasted beets, pan roasted fish and more! Prevent scurvy, eat citrus!

Missing in action this Thanksgiving, at least in the stores I checked was Trader Joe’s cranberry orange relish. Bummer…

Here’s the link to my favorite holiday commercial this season. From Marks and Spencer. Janet Mcteer is the actress who plays the Missus, and BBC fans may remember her from Miss Marple, a few Jane Austen redux and my personal fave..Precious Bane (I think from the 80’s!)

Bust my buttons! Gina B silkworks is crafting a new handmade button each day this year. An exacting and precious craft, I am an admirer. Just look at the miniature cornucopia she crafted for Thanksgiving. And she displays each one on a complimentary tag. I’m not worthy….Follow on Facebook to see each one.

Lastly, you may already follow Huffington Post, but you MUST follow their funniest tweets from women. You will be breathless from laughing. My recent fave from @bourgeoisalien ” well, at bare minimum at least 2016 definitively answered, “What would it be like to be left behind during The Rapture?” And this from @Tanishalove “Any superheroes out there? ‘Cause now would be a good time to make yourself known. Also, I have some extra spandex unitards if you need ’em.”

Nothing says Friday night like a good laughing snort from HuffPo!

Stay tuned, I may get a holiday edition of current crushes in before New Years…

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