I knew I bought that black cocoa for a reason….

I just didn’t quite know what I would use it for when I bought it.

I mean, come on, black cocoa! How could I resist? 

I started with a simple tart shell, blind baked.

I had been hoarding a Pinterest recipe for tangerine curd and really wanted to make it for the holiday. The creaminess and silkiness of curd is easy with any fruit and is simply a perfect mix of eggs, sugar, fruit, and heat. Allow me to explain…

Zest three tangerines, and then juice them along with a 4th tangerine. Set juice aside.

Pròcess the zest and 1.5 cups of sugar in the food processor.

Then just mix 4 eggs with the sugar and juice over medium heat. Don’t walk away or you wil live to regret it! Whisk and whisk some more and the curd will thicken like magic! 

After chilling the curd for about an hour, I poured it into the tart shell and chilled some more.

Next, on to ganache! Another superb confluence cooked over heat. Eight ounces heavy cream on medium heat just till it starts to bubble at the edge, but don’t let it boil! Whisk in 7 ounces of the cocoa powder or broken up dark chocolate pieces. Add a little vanilla and about a tablespoon of corn syrup to smooth it out. Again, mixture will thicken all at once. Pour over filling in shell and chill until service!

P.S. In the process of zesting the citrus, I discovered I have a problem…seven peelers/zesters. Outnumbered in the drawer only by the 14 spatulas…all pink.

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