Not your father’s nachos….

Back a couple of weeks ago I started to think about what to serve while watching election returns. I knew I didn’t want it to be fussy, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time facing the stove. I thought about nachos but wanted a more “dressed up” version, and thought “aha” I’ll use shredded short ribs instead of taco meat and beans.

I started by cooking two portions of boneless short ribs in the pressure cooker with a little beef broth, 6 oz of tomato sauce, smoked paprika, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper. I cooked them as usual fir 90 minutes and then shredded both. I set up the toppings on the counter and then portioned chips and beef and cheese on our plates, and zapped the plates in the microwave.

A little guacamole, shred cheese and crumbled quest fresco, picked onions and jalapeños and a squirt of fresh lime. We settled in for the returns…

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