Currently Crushing….

I’ve got a pretty full list this month on some new things you should check out!

From the sublime to the ridiculous we go…

First up, new television must see…nbc-this-is-us-aboutimage-1920x1080-ko

What a little gem of a drama that “This is Us” is on network television! The story looks back in time from a trio of siblings (twins and an adoptee) raised by a ne’er do well dad and a fiercely devoted mom. The drama centers around what’s happening with them now, today and how their past drives the future.


Dinozzo’s back! Well, not the character, but the actor in a uniformly likable rendition of Dr. Phil, before he was Dr. Phil. You know back when he was a jury consultant…that’s the premise of the new show starring Michael Weatherly. He’s quirky, he’s smart, and he has quirky and smart peeps working for him. Very watchable…


I have always loved Maria Shriver. I loved her as a newscaster and as First Lady of California before her world with “Ahnold” disintegrated. She’s whip smart, funny and devoted to moving women forward. Sometimes to do that, we need to take a breath and Maria’s Sunday Paper is the way to do it. She makes you think….and breathe…and then you can think and breathe together, which in today’s world doesn’t happen often. Too often, thinking makes us stop breathing! Have cup of coffee on Sunday with Maria. Smart.

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Next up, the adult bevvie front…now that summer’s over and a definite chill is in the air, it’s time to go back to red…wine that is. Ah, I’ve missed it! A few years ago, the Hubs and I were at our friend J & A’s house for dinner, and J on taking cocktail orders announced to me “have I got a wine for you!” He was dead on. Apothic Red is lush, and rich and full and perfect for your house wine. They followed with “Dark” with some serious body a couple of years ago in limited batches and then “Crush” appeared last year. Now “Inferno” is on board as the limited batch. In very small batches and I think you can only indulge in small batches because this wine will “wreck” you as the Irish say. It’s almost 16% alcohol….But it tastes delicious. Not a wine for a steak, I think the whiskey undertones get in the way, but definitely a wine for sipping by an indoor/outdoor fire! With chocolate!


Remember these?  They were so last year, so , I don’t know …iphone 5 ish. Now with new phones and new upgrades to IOS10, you get lots of chances for new emojis downloadable from the new message app store. My personal faves are Lily Pulitzer, cause everyone needs a mermaid emoji…img_6198

But you can also get free ones like from Dunkin Donuts! Imagine, you can text your order right to your SO’s phone!


And lastly, my favorite new follow on Facebook is courtesy of the Financial Times, the venerable financial paper known for printing on pink paper. The FT has an entire site dedicated to ” how to spend it”.  Seriously….bookmark it in case you win Megamillions or Power Ball…just saying.


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